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This bearings does not permit any horizontal movement but is capable of absorbing rotational movement about any horizontal axis by usage of the elastomer pad. It consists of a metal piston supported by a disc of unreinforced elastomer confined within a metal cylinder which provides the load carrying medium These compact, low height bearings are excellent for vertical loads upto any capacity. Suitable for curved and straight concrete an steel bridges in seismic areas
These bearings offer an economical solution where elastomeric bearings are unable to accommodate high horizontal movement at low reactions on the supporting columns. They can be bonded to elastomer pad to accommodate rotation. In these type of bearings linear movement is provided  by sliding of stainless steel plate over PTFE sheet. To overcome high friction in steel sliding bearings, PTFE is used to provided translation about the axis perpendicular to the plane of sliding
These bearings are similar to POT Bearings i.e. they are capable of taking vertical load, rotation, horizontal load and movements and consists of unreinforced elastomer. They also have stainless steel plate over PTFE sheet to provide movement. But the only difference is that they have a unique arrangement which is capable to restrain uplift forces coming in the structure
Pin bearing consist of a metal pin provide with in metal cylinder to bear & transmit horizontal forces along any direction in horizontal plane and accommodating rotational movement about any axis. These can’t bear and transmit any vertical load
These bearings consisting of a sliding assembly with restraint along a desired direction to bear and transmit horizontal force and capable of allowing movement in a direction perpendicular to the direction of horizontal force. These bearings cannot bear or transmit any vertical load.
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