Deals in : Mfg. of All types of Bridge Bearings, Bridge Expansion Joints, Architectural Expansion Joints, Rehabilitation of Bridges, Fabrication, Erection, Launching and Assembly of Steel Girders

J. Sons Group was established in 1976 is a progressive and growth oriented engineering industrial organization deals in manufacturing and supply of various types of Bridge Bearings, Bridge Expansion Joints and Architectural Expansion Joints. During the last more than three decades, the company has undergone phenomenal growth and has an enviable reputation in the market. J. Sons is managed by a team of highly qualified engineers, to look after design, drawing, production, quality control, marketing and co-ordination activities.

J. Sons keeps abreast of technological developments and imparts adequate training to staff in specialized areas. J. Sons has structural fabrication workshops with a total manufacturing capacity of 8500 tonnes per annum. The workshops are fully equipped with latest equipments. The company with strict adherence to rigid quality control and highly sophisticated in house test facilities has an enviable reputation for quality.

We are committed to quality, growth and innovative ideas. Since inception of the company, we are introducing new technologies in the country. As personnel of our group are members of technical committees for preparation of specification of bridge accessories and buildings. We are the trendsetters in our field. This trend will go on with the times to come.

A specifies is the only who understands the need for quality better. Our association with national level committees for drafting specifications for country wide use, have made us acutely demanding regarding quality. We are very much concerned for the quality of our products.

We have test laboratories and testing facilities in our every unit to ensure the best quality of our each product. Each product is manufactured under our sharp eyed quality control team.
POT-cum-PTFE Guided/Sliding Bearings
Uplift Restraint Bearings
PIN Bearings
Metallic Guide Bearings
Rocker and Rocker-cum-Roller Bearings
Other Metallic Bearings
Knuckle Leaf Bearing
Fixed & Expansion Bearings
Plane Contact Central Hinge Bearings
Disc Bearings
Spherical Bearings
Bridge Expansion Joint Systems
Architectural Expansion Joint Systems
Steel Girder Bridge
Rehabilitation of Bridges